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Cloud-based Software Built for the
K-12 & Healthcare Industry.

At CodeWorx, we create easy-to-use, cloud-based software that helps school districts and hospitals improve their workflow so they save time and money.

Our vision is to put exceptional quality technology — usually reserved for the largest clients with ample resources — into the hands of small and medium-sized organizations. As a result, our growth continues to be fueled by very happy and loyal customers.

Education Solutions


The SchoolFUZION ONE product line allows school and district administrators to manage student data in one place. Offering integrations with multiple third party systems, it is the one stop shop for users to cut back on the time switching from page to page and more time getting the job done. The web based platform is easy to use, easy to manage and is efficient for teachers along with parents and students.

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Alert ONE is a web based solution for schools and districts to electronically manage and track student attendance. It allows parents and students to proactively be engaged when it comes to their attendance. With ALERT ONE, parents and students are allowed to submit attendance when a class or a school day is missed. Upload doctors notes, appeal incorrect attendance markings and more.

Healthcare Solutions

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Patient identification is a major step in hospital workflow. From the minute a patient walks in the door to when they are discharged, identification is key. PatientID ONE allows hospitals to positively identify patients a variety of ways from biometric ID markers to advanced barcoding algorithms to integrate with your EHR. PatientID ONE ensures you always have the correct patient before administering mediations or procedures.

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